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There Are WAY Better Methods To Board Airplanes

There are few things more frustrating when traveling by air than waiting patiently for your “zone” to be called at the gate, walking down the jetway like a boss, and then, inexplicably, being met by a sudden and immovable line in the plane’s narrow aisle.“There must be a better way,” we have all said under our breaths. Surprisingly, there is no standard boarding practice in commercial aviation. All the major airlines do their own thing, with back-to-front loading being the most popular.  According to an episode of MythBusters that timed the most common methods for boarding, totally random boarding without assigned seats (à la Southwest) was by far the fastest. But it was also by far the least pleasant, according to passengers. The fastest methods with the best customer satisfaction were two variations of the “WilMA” method — in which all the plane’s window seats are boarded first, followed by middle seats then aisle seats — as well as the “reverse pyramid,” in which passengers load from back to front as well as outside in. According to Seat Guru, a travel site that offers seat maps for various aircraft, no major airlines currently use the reverse pyramid, and only United uses the WilMA method. Almost every other carrier, from Delta to American to Virgin Atlantic, uses the highly inefficient and frustrating back-to-front method. To read more at Huffington Post, click here.

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