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What the Travel Ban Means for You

As President Trump’s travel ban went into effect over the weekend, protests erupted at airports across the U.S. While there was little evidence that the protests caused travel delays, the demonstrations did affect ground transportation in and out of airports, especially JFK in New York City. For the small group of travelers affected by the ban, American Airlines, Delta, and United have begun offering fee waivers, including rebooking and refund options. To find out which options are available depending on flight and destination, air travelers should always check directly with the air carrier or their travel agent. If you’re flying to the U.S. from outside the country, double check you’re carrying the appropriate documents. Over the weekend, customs officers also began detaining visa and green card holders who were originally from the seven countries included in the ban… Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. Green card holders and visa holders should take extra precautions to ensure that they have all the proper documentation to reenter the U.S., including a passport from their home country as well as their U.S. residence card. The Department of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offers more specific information concerning the necessary documentation on their website. (Travel & Leisure)

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