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Travel to France is Possible, But Many Tourist Sites are Closed

Airports in France remain open, and airlines are still flying to and from Paris, though some carriers reported canceled flights. United Airlines is among several airlines that are offering to waive change fees for passengers whose travel is affected by the attacks. Travelers are advised to check with their airlines for the latest on any fee waiver information. The Eurostar rail service is operating as normal, though passengers are being advised to allow for additional time to check in and complete security checks. French President Francois Hollande has declared a national state of emergency and three days of mourning. The Eiffel Tower was shuttered Saturday and will remain closed till further notice, its official website said. Disneyland Paris is closed and will remain so through Tuesday as part of France’s national mourning period. The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has posted museum and monument closures and openings on its site. Travel personality Rick Steves posted a message on his blog and Facebook encouraging travelers not to avoid Paris. Steves called the shootings and bomb attacks on Friday night an “isolated incident.” “There’s an important difference between fear and risk. … I believe we owe it to the victims of this act not to let the terrorists win by being terrorized,” he wrote. To read more about the situation in Paris at CNN, click here.

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