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Travelers & Technology: A Report

Business travelers are eager to use travel technology to simplify their journey and keep them up-to-date as the trip evolves. That was the conclusion of a recent survey taken by The Association of Corporate Travel Executives and American Express Global Business Travel.  Entitled ‘Checking In: Servicing the Multifaceted Modern Business Traveler‘, the report looks at the greatest concerns and stress for business travelers as well as the digital trends employed to address these. Among its findings:

  • 63% are using online booking apps
  • 66% rely on trip information apps
  • 58% use travel and expense management apps.

Non-traditional travel options

Business travelers are also interested in taking advantage of the sharing economy for ground transport.

The use of ride sharing services has increased by 44% over the past six months while traditional car rentals and premium black cars are down 18% and 32% respectively.

However, their interest in shared accommodation has softened somewhat or reached a ceiling. Only 16% of buyers say that they saw an increase in usage of services like Airbnb over the past six months.


Among the security concerns expressed, is the risk of corporate data breach. This is a concern which becomes even more relevant as the electronics ban in some markets separates corporate travelers from their electronic devices.

According to the ACTE- GBT survey 31% of buyers say they’ve seen traveler enquiries about data security increase over the past three months, but few companies have “coherent policies in place” to manage these questions.

  • 58% percent of companies say employees can use their personal devices for business communications.
  • 64% say travelers can access public WiFi with their business devices
  • 47% percent allow the use of non-purged laptops and devices while on the road.

Security worries stretch to changing travel conditions around the world, highlighting a need for consistency in the application of technology at security checkpoints.

More than half (54%) of passengers also expressed concerns about the US border and immigration process, and 44% expressed concerns about the security of air travel in general.

The most important priority for business travelers is the application of technology which addresses the stress felt during the journey and eliminates uncertainty.

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