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Trunkster: A Brainy Suitcase with Zero Zippers

There’s a popular question floating around the crowdfunding world right now: What does the luggage of the future look and act like? The Bluesmart believes it looks like a GPS-enabled trackable carry-on. The Fugu is pretty sure it comes in the form of a suitcase that expands from a carry-on to a check-in bag. Yet another answer has arrived on Kickstarter in the form of Trunkster, luggage that dumps the zippers and instead uses a sliding door for access. The most obvious feature that separates Trunkster from the crowd is the fancy sliding door, like a mini version of the kind of doors you see on rolltop desks or some types of rental storage spaces. It will be an attractive design point for anyone who ever cursed a suitcase with a stuck zipper. Beyond the door, Trunkster also comes with some handy tech features under the hood, like a built-in digital scale to help you avoid overweight luggage fees. A carry-on Trunkster is going for a $295 pledge, though some early-bird discounts are still available. The check-in size is $335. (CNET)

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