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The Ultimate Luxury: LAX’s New Private Terminal

You think you’re an elite traveler with your Diamond status, your First Class Lounge access and such? A newly opened private terminal at Los Angeles International Airport has just raised the bar a lot higher– for those who can afford it.

It’s not just for passengers flying on private jets– it’s for passengers traveling in first or business class on commercial flights, too.

Called The Private Suite, the new passenger terminal is located on the other side of the runways from LAX terminals used by the faceless mobs; and besides all the luxury and exclusive services, it has one other big benefit for its customers: “They don’t deal with paparazzi,” the company notes on its website. (Like a gated community, The Private Suite has a gated entrance to keep out unauthorized vehicles.)

In an era of rising inequality, this place is even more one-percenter exclusive than British Airways’ new “millionaire’s door” at London Heathrow.

Departing customers get to hang out before their flight in one of the facility’s posh private suites, each equipped with a private bathroom, food service pantry, two-person daybed, several plush chairs, and a view of the runway.

Users never set foot in the regular terminals, even for security screening, because The Private Suite has its own TSA checkpoint just for its customers. Luggage? Don’t even think about it—they take care of it for you. And when it’s time to board, a Private Suite employee drives you across the tarmac to your commercial flight in a BMW 7 Series sedan. The process works in reverse for arriving passengers.

You can gain access to The Private Suite as a “trial member” at a fee of $3,500 per group (up to three people) if you’re on a domestic flight, or $4,000 for international trips. If you’re willing to share a lounge, the rate drops to $2,000/$2,500 per person. If you expect to use the facility frequently, you can buy an annual membership for $7,500. That brings your per-use fee down to $2,700/$3,000 per group (up to four persons). Members can book up to six months in advance, and can take advantage of other benefits, like preferential pricing from XOJET private jet service, personal car storage, even the ability to book a free pre-flight massage, manicure, hair styling or makeup service. (TravelSkills)

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