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Universal Teases Details About Volcano Bay

While Disney has other problems nipping at their heels, Universal Orlando is charging forward with new attractions. The first, opening this summer, is “Reign of Kong” a 3D adventure ride taking guests through Skull Island where they encounter dinosaurs, giant bugs, and an epic battle featuring the great ape himself. Coming next summer will be a 28-acre park called Volcano Bay, which will have four different areas. The first will be Krakatau, named after the 200-foot-tall volcano at its center, and features waterfalls by day, but fiery lava by night. At the back of the volcano, there will be three body slides that start off with a surprise door opening beneath your feet. One of them, the Ko’okiri Body Plunge, will drop you 125-feet through the center of the volcano. The second area will be the Wave Village, where guests will be able to swim at Waturi Beach, the park’s wave pool, or relax in one of the private cabanas that line the sands of the beach. The third area will be the River Village, which will be where you’ll find the majority of all the family attractions. This area will have two multi-passenger raft rides, Honu and Ika Moana. After braving those, guests have the opportunity to drift down the Kopiko Wai Winding River, which will go through the volcano’s caves and feature water effects and the “cave of starlight”— whatever that may be. The last of the four areas is the Rainforest Village, with rapids for the fearless and any friends who can be coaxed into hanging on to a raft for dear life. To watch a video about the new park, click here.  To read more about “Reign of Kong” at Travel Weekly, click here.  Teplis Travel’s resident Universal Orlando expert, Susan Rogers can help you plan your next adventure, call her at (678) 420-2510 | Toll-Free: (800) 950-2950 or E-mail: vacations@teplis.com

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