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Virgin Debuts “House of Cards” Plane with Free WiFi from Netflix

Starting today, those lucky enough to be flying on Virgin America’s newest Airbus A320 jets will get free wi-fi compliments of Netflix. Now through mid-2016 Virgin has teamed up with Netflix to offer free wi-fi (and free streaming of content like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black) onboard its brand new jets outfitted with the new ViaSat system. Currently, there are only two of these shiny new A320s darting across the country, but Virgin will be deploying a new one every month through next June, for a total of 10. The free wi-fi deal is only available on the new A320s with ViaSat– if you are on a Gogo equipped plane, you’ll still have to pay. Regrettably, there is currently no way to know if the plane you are on has ViaSat or Gogo until you board. To read more about this and Virgin’s “House of Cards” branded plane, go to

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