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Winter Storms, Computer Glitch Equal Change-Fee Waivers

A wide range of travel and change-fee waivers are in effect today in response to a Sunday evening computer problem that affected all of United Airlines’ domestic flights, and also to winter storms in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and West Coast. What United Airlines described as an “IT issue” triggered a 2.5-hour ground stop for domestic flights Sunday night and affected at least 200 flights, although the airline acknowledged “that number may increase.” As a result, United issued a system-wide travel waiver for travel scheduled through Jan. 23 that is rebooked in the same cabin and between the same cities originally ticketed on or before Jan. 25. Travel alerts posted late Sunday evening by a number of other airlines cover a wide variety of affected cities, all due to weather. Carriers issuing change fee waivers include American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and United. Travelers who had a flight cancelled should rebook immediately as many of the carriers are only extending the fee-waiver for a few days this week. For the details at USA Today, click here.

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