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The Worst (and Best) Airports in the US

The US may lead the world in military might, diplomatic influence and economic power, but you’d never know it by looking at the state of our airports. And even though many Americans have a sense of oversized pride, when you ask people to name their favorite airports, most sheepishly point to Asia (have you been to Singapore?). That said, not all airports in America are terrible. The Points Guy recently combined data on the 30 busiest airports, looking at timeliness, accessibility and amenities. As no surprise, all three of the major NYC-area airports landed at the bottom of the barrel. LaGuardia earned the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of flight delays and cancellations, the second-longest drive time (tied with Newark and Denver) and extortionate parking rates to top it all off ($29 per day or higher). At JFK, you can expect both the longest drive times (over an hour) and the longest waits to get through security (nearly 17 minutes), and while Newark Liberty isn’t the lowest-ranked in any one area, it suffers from lackluster ratings across the board. Coming out on top was Phoenix, which got high marks in almost all categories, with excellent flight delay and flight cancellation scores, a convenient light rail, a high number of restaurants and bars for its level of passenger traffic and free Wi-Fi. Portland, San Diego, Salt Lake City and Honolulu rounded out the Top 5. Atlanta’s newly-renovated Hartsfield International Airport came in at a middling #16. To read more at The Points Guy, click here.

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