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WOW Air Expands Low Cost Service

When Icelandic tech entrepreneur Skúli Mogensen founded the long-haul budget airline WOW air in 2011, its fleet included just three planes serving 12 destinations — at an unheard-of price of $99 round-trip. Five years later, the fleet has grown to 17 and the destinations to 32. The prices may have climbed slightly — the average flight is closer to $400, including baggage fees — but compared with most other long-haul flights, WOW air is still rock bottom. From its plum-toned planes to its ultralow fares that make you wonder where the fees are hiding (mainly in the lack of amenities), the company has figured out how to earn adoration in one of the world’s most hated industries and put Iceland’s beauty within reach. Costs stay down because WOW air insists on focusing on what’s important and trimming the fat on all else. Each time the company buys planes, for example, it buys new. Mogensen says this adds more fuel efficiency than buying older used planes. The plan is working, its growth has been phenomenal, as evidenced by the recent announcement of a new hub in Pittsburgh offering connections via Reykjavik to nearly two dozen European destinations, including Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Milan and Paris. (Business Insider, USA Today).

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