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Zip Into Adventure!

Bored with the same old routine? If you’re tired of each day seeming like the last, we’ve got a vacation for you. Imagine six days in Costa Rica, with sunshine, zip lines, a volcano, horseback riding, sailing, snorkeling and more! The sky’s the limit and how much fun you have is totally up to you. You could also just veg out at the beach…but that’s any old vacation, not this adventure. Included are 2 nights at the Arenalat Magic Mountain Hotel (4 Star), 3 nights, all inclusive, at Papagayo at Casa Conde (4 Star), airfare and private transportation to/from the airport. Rates starting from $1430.00 Per Person (Atlanta, inquire for other cities). Travel window until November 30, 2016. Ready for adventure? Call Susan in our Leisure Department at (678) 420-2510 | Toll-Free: (800) 950-2950 or E-mail: to stop boredom in its tracks!

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