Client Comments


“Wonderful, I appreciate your help more than you will know…”

Executive Assistant
Hospitality Corporation

“You are THE BEST!!!  I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make our trip most enjoyable for our top performers.  Thanks for all you do.  You are true professionals”

Director of Sales Development
Merchant Payment Processing Firm


“Compliments to the team.  Your turnaround on the reports was so fast and so accurate, I was able to interpret, research and utilize this data in a very important 1:40 pm meeting, and it was very helpful.”

Sr. Director Real Estate & Administration
Global Software Firm


“Our Teplis agent was able to get a hotel no-show waived, and her above and beyond efforts and results were appreciated.”

Senior Recruiting Specialist
Technology Corporation


 “Amazing is somewhere between incredible and stupendous. Thanks for the exceptional service.”

Senior Vice President, Corporate Services
Hospitality & Gaming Corporation


“First of all, thank you and your team for helping us on the customized weekly report that allows us to capture certain trips.  It helps us in many different ways…Many thanks for your support!”

Vice President of Finance
Hospitality Corporation


“We appreciate everything you and your team does for us. Teplis is the best!”

Travel Planner
Insurance Firm


“I truly enjoy working with you all at Teplis – class acts!”

Travel Manager
Healthcare Software Firm


“Your agents are very knowledgeable and creative, especially when we are booking international fares.”

Travel Arranger
Utility Corporation


“I can’t thank Teplis enough for all you continue to help (Company Name) in our travel endeavors and look forward to another successful year!”

Travel Manager
Heavy Equipment Manufacturer


“I just wanted to pass along my thanks for the great job our Teplis agent team does for me. I can’t tell you how many times your people have kept me from spending the night in the airport.  I would be in a line at the airport and call my agent team.  On the phone they would take care of me and get me on my way.  When I stepped out of the line at the airport, everyone around me wanted to know how I did that.  I just told them I called my travel agent.”

Director of Training
Global Restaurant Chain


“The report is perfect and the turnaround time is amazing…”

Assistant to VP of Community and Public Affairs
Global Hospitality Company


“I just wanted to say thanks for the great job done by your team. We have some complex itineraries all over the world, and they do a great job of simplifying everything.”

Director, International Business Development
Foodservice Corporation


“After my experiences with this weekend, all I can say is that you qualify for sainthood.”

Senior Managing Director
International Risk Management Firm

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