Corporate Online Booking Program


Teplis has a successful track record increasing online adoption rates, regularly hitting levels of 80% and 90%.

The key to our success is simple: We improve traveler confidence in using the online program. We do this with customized orientation materials and training sessions, either in person or via the web, for travel arrangers and frequent travelers.

No-Fee Online Booking Support Desk

Many times, all a traveler needs to complete their online booking is a simple question answered, or instructions on how to make a change in their reservation. With many of our competitors this support call will generate an additional fee, or change a “touchless” online reservation into a “light touch” reservation, and with the change a higher fee is charged.

At Teplis we provide No-Fee Online Support service during normal business hours. There is no additional fee for the call as long as the traveler completes the reservation online on their own.

To learn more about how we can help you boost online adoption contact us today at 800-669-6547, or submit your request below.

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