Corporate Travel Policy

TravelPolicyEnforcementIt is absolutely essential that all employees take advantage of cost saving opportunities whenever possible if you are to reduce the travel costs incurred by your organization.

Enforcing your travel policy is simplified with Concur Travel®:

The online booking tool utilizes a traffic light color system for travelers to easily see their options and degree of compliance with your travel policy. A green selection = full compliance so the traveler can proceed through to ticketing; yellow = passive approval (pre-trip notification) so the travel can be booked but notification will be sent to their manager that more compliant fares/rates were foregone; and red = hard stop (pre-trip approval) meaning the traveler will need manager approval first.

Simplified Travel Approval

The program simplifies the approval process as well, sending pre-designated travel approvers an e-mail detailing the employee’s itinerary and containing a link that sends an authorization to release the trip to ticketing.

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