Green Travel Agency

At Teplis Travel we care about our impact on the environment.

We empower socially-conscious corporations, enabling them to institute green initiatives of their own.GreenTravelA

  • Our iBank Reporting Program provides quick and easy carbon footprint reports so your firm can make informed decisions about green travel.
  • We can also advise your team about Carbon Offset programs which we feel offer the best value for our clients. Below are a few which may be of interest.


 CarbonFundLogo US nonprofit organization with great projects and a low price per ton of carbon offset. Funds reforestation projects in Louisiana and Nicaraguan Rain Forest: wind, solar and methane power plants across the United States.
 TerraPassLogo Wind farms in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Minnesota, and California are supported by this US carbon credit firm, as well as methane power plants in Kentucky and North Carolina.
 CarbonNeutralLogo UK-based firm offering Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) and Verified Emission Reductions (VERs). Does not develop its own projects, but only invests in those of others which have been audited and certified.
 CO2BalanceLogo Another UK-based firm, this one offering forestation projects in Europe and energy efficiency projects in Africa. Also offers an unique option, EU emissions credits which may be purchased and retired, making them unavailable to polluters.
NativeEnergyLogo Renewable energy projects (wind, solar, methane gas) on small family farms and Native American reservations in the US are featured on this site.
 CleanerClimateLogo Australian firm funding a wind farm in India, an energy efficiency project in South Africa & methane power plants in Mexico, Thailand and South Africa.
   ClimateFriendlyLogo Australian firm funding Gold Standard projects in India and China. Donates 5% of net sales to the World Wildlife Fund. Projects audited by Australian government, Ernst & Young.
 NatureConservancyLogo While the Nature Conservancy doesn’t offer a per flight carbon calculator they do calculate your total carbon footprint and can provide offsets for this amount. With an impeccable reputation and an aggressive program of purchasing land for preservation this organization is a perfect choice for travelers who want to be sure their carbon offset investment is well spent.

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