Duty of Care


Teplis Travel provides a single platform to help you locate and communicate with every traveler, everywhere, at any hour.

Traveler safety is our number one priority and an essential part of every client’s travel program. Understanding the risks and challenges of travel for our clients, communicating those risks clearly, and quickly tracking travelers to provide assistance when there is an emergency is the most important part of our job, and we take it seriously.

Teplis Travel’s Duty of Care & Risk Management Platform provides travelers and travel managers with up-to-the-minute risk information to assist them in planning itineraries.

Among the features and benefits are:

  • Global view of all travelers through an interactive dashboard
  • Automatic alert communications in the event of a disruption
  • Search for individuals or groups of travelers
  • Drill down to quickly identify relevant traveler communities
  • Personalized trip briefings for each traveler’s destination
  • Proactive communications to the company level or individual traveler
  • Email, SMS and push notification messaging options
  • Full audit reporting and export to external systems

Our clients benefit by having a greater ability to make decisions with confidence during times of global crisis.

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