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Trip Disruption Solution

Higher load factors and crowded security checkpoints mean business travelers need every advantage to arrive at their destination as scheduled and as budgeted. If a traveler is not on one of the 75% of flights that are on-time, the average delay is now 53 minutes. Cancellations are increasing. Trip disruption has become a major concern for all corporate travelers and is an area we have targeted as a cost-reduction center.

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Teplis’ Flight Status Alert Technology feeds directly from the FAA to our reservation system. When a traveler is on a flight that is delayed, cancelled or has a changed arrival gate, both the traveler and Teplis receives an automatic alert.  Alerts can be distributed to any Mobile/Cell Phone, Smart Phone or via Text Messaging Service up to 4 hours prior to the departure time. This allows us to quickly provide proactive assistance with connection and rebooking issues.

In addition to Trip Disruption messaging, Teplis utilizes a dynamic dashboard for our Agents that allows us to proactively manage flight disruptions. The dashboard automatically lists top priorities, calculates when an issue needs to be resolved, and allows Teplis Agents to claim, assign, and defer issues for improved productivity.

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