Global Travel Reporting & Business Intelligence

OnDemandSlugManage travel program costs more effectively through improved access and understanding of your consolidated corporate travel data.

Teplis Travel’s web-based, business travel reporting tool delivers data in real time, 24/7. Clients can access a combination of 200 standardized reports and additional customized options, providing unlimited flexibility and complete control over their travel data.

Teplis Travel’s business travel reporting tool makes it easy to gain insight, control spending, maintain budgets, and save money through reduced travel expenses and better supplier contracts.

  • Executive Summary
  • Airfare Savings
  • Days Advance Purchase
  • Policy Compliance Report
  • Top City Pairs
  • Airline Market Share
  • Monthly Ticket Report
  • Hotel Summary
  • Hotel Market Share
  • Rental Car Summary
  • Rental Car Market Share
  • Top Travelers
  • Departmental
  • Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Custom and Ad Hoc Reports

Benchmark Analyze Travel DataGain clarity in your travel program; understand how changes can make a positive financial impact, analyze vendors, preferences and traveler behaviors to create a best-in-class program.

Teplis Travel provides powerful data reporting and Business Intelligence Technology to help our customers (Large and Small) create goals, measure progress, monitor compliance and benchmark their travel program against other like companies to reduce spend and maximize their ROI.

With Teplis Travel’s Business Intelligence Technology, our clients can perform real-time assessments on the performance of their travel program and continuously make policy and compliance improvements that bring positive results to their bottom line.



NEED MORE REPORTING POWER? Teplis offers an optional reporting upgrade which allows you to choose your own visualizations, data sources, and viewing device so you can organize and present travel data in the most effective way possible.

• Intuitive customizable visualizations that reveal hidden insights
• Multi-source integration for a single analytics platform
• Mobile integration to view insights anytime and anywhere
• Robust storytelling tools that let you efficiently collaborate

Even the most well written analytics programs show you a pre-defined set of calculations and visuals. On top of that, the data is typically only coming in from one source. What about the insights that come across multiple data sets? Teplis’ Live Interactive Reporting platform associates data from different sources…credit card data, online booking tool reports, HR feeds…and allows you to create just the right visualization to display the combined sets of data. You’ll make smarter decisions with more intelligent information.

Ask your Teplis representative about adding Live Interactive Reporting to your travel program!

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