SRC Employee Booking Guidelines

Created especially for the employees of
Scientific Research Corporation:

1. There are two ways to make a reservation. Using Concur Travel®, Teplis’ online self-booking system or to use an agent. Concur Travel® bookings are referred to as “online unassisted” and carry a lower agency fee. Tickets booked using an agent are called “agent assisted transactions”.

2. Employees who travel or make travel arrangements need to have a profile on record with Teplis before calling to make a reservation. Profiles are maintained on Concur Travel®, where you can make changes as needed 24 hours a day. New users will need to be set up in the system by Teplis. To get your log-in send your name as it appears on your ID to [email protected]

3. There is a difference between a reservation and a ticket. A reservation means that the particular airline is holding a seat for the traveler. But the price of that seat is not guaranteed until a ticket is issued. A ticket is issued when the price of that reservation is charged to the appropriate credit card. (Very Important!)

4. If you are changing an existing reservation or ticket, always advise the agent of this.

5. When making new reservations or changing existing reservations, at the end of the call, always have the Teplis agent read back to you what they have confirmed for the traveler. For example, “We have Ms. Jones confirmed on AirTran flight number 123 for Thursday, June 5,” Always confirm both the day of the week and the date.

6. If the traveler’s plans are somewhat “flexible” let the Teplis agent know this. Also let the agent know if the traveler must be on a non-stop flight or will consider connections. Prices vary greatly. Generally, the more flexible a traveler’s plans are the better than chance of getting a lower ticket price.

7. Tickets purchased through our reservation system, either via Concur Travel® or using an agent, can be voided up until 6pm the following business day. Only the charge for the ticket will be voided.

8. If a traveler does not plan to use an airline ticket as originally issued, please contact the Teplis agent immediately. Many airlines now have what are commonly referred to in the industry as “use it or lose it” fares. This means that if a passenger has purchased a ticket, using a non-refundable fare, Teplis must be notified before the flight time of that ticket. If the ticket can be voided, we will do that. If the void “window” has already passed, we will reschedule for the new travel dates. Most airlines charge a $100 change fee and any difference in airfare.

9. Hotel reservations are always guaranteed for late arrival. Cancellation policies now vary. Always get a cancellation number from the Teplis agent and record that number in case a “no show” charge appears on the traveler’s credit card.

10. Teplis’ Service Fees will be charged to the same credit card that is used as payment for the corresponding airline ticket.

11. If changing a reservation, always try and work with the agent who started the original trip. However, it is not mandatory. All Teplis agents have access to your traveler’s profile and all existing reservations or tickets.