Teplis Travel gives you the best corporate travel services…Get the responsive, high-touch personal service you expect from a local agency, while enjoying access to the technology, negotiated fares and global support of a Mega-Agency!

Corporate Travelers


We make travel easy for your VIPs and Road Warriors. Easy to book, easy to change, and easy to manage. Featuring 24/7/365 global support and the latest in travel technology.

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Guaranteed Lowest Rates, including Net Fares and Preferred Rates, leveraging $1.75 billion in travel spend. Track real-time travel data with Teplis’ online global reporting platform.

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Corporate Travel Arrangers

Travel Arrangers

We make life easier for Administrative Assistants who have to book trips for multiple executives so these valuable employees spend less time managing travel.

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Global 24/7 Traveler Support

No-Fee Online Support Desk.

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Main Benefits

 Custom Negotiated Rates
 Complimentary Upgrades in Selected Markets
 Concur Travel® Online Booking Tool
 Maximum Travel Savings
 Real-time Global Travel Reporting Capabilities
 Concur Travel® Customization and Support

Teplis is a Frosch Global Partner, giving your travelers access to a support network of 1,800+ agents and unique ticketing capabilities in over 50 strategic global markets.